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The place for bodywork + massage in the Petoskey and Harbor Springs region.

Ease Stress, Diminish Pain, Improve Flexibility + Enhance Your Well-Being

I invite you to look around and learn more about the practice and innovative therapies I offer. I am passionate about my work in the healing arts, and enjoy building long-lasting client connections. My educational background is well-versed in eastern and western modalities with extensive training in barefoot bodywork. Each therapeutic approach is unique and individual... just like you. Scheduling your appointment is made easy with convenient online booking. If you may have questions, I would love to hear from you! Please feel free to reach out through the contact information provided. I look forward to seeing you on the table + mat!



Ashi-Thai Bodywork 

"The most productive massage you'll experience, guaranteed. If you're looking for results, coupled with genuine relaxation, look no further, this is it. Carla is a superb bodyworker leading the local industry of bodywork. The Northern Michigan community is fortunate to have Studio Harbor in their neighborhood!"   

Since its inception, this is what put Studio Harbor on the map ~ Ashiatsu barefoot bodywork! 

Ashi=Foot + Atsu=Pressure~ This deep tissue bodywork utilizes barefoot massage techniques, gravity and consistent soothing strokes to provide a luxurious therapeutic massage. Bars are used to stabilize practitioners balance and help support body weight for appropriate pressure. You'll discover increased circulation, improved posture and range of motion while your body's lymphatic system is flushed and mood is restored.

Ashi~Thai  is similar to Ashiatsu bodywork. The therapist uses the overhead bar system as the client receives all the amazing benefits. However, Ashi~Thai is a combination of stretching, compression work and movement with a gentle and rhythmic flow. Ashi~Thai massage is done fully clothed for a stand alone treatment or may be incorporated into an Ashiatsu fusion massage session.

Book your ashiatsu massage appointment with Studio Harbor Ashiatsu + Massage of Petoskey today!

Cupping Therapy

Active + Passive

Simple and practical with significant results, well controlled Cupping Therapy is a healing art known as one of the Traditional Chinese Medicine (TCM) therapies. Creating a reverse massage with use of concentrated suction, cups are applied as tools to draw tissue away creating space for oxygen, living cells and nutrients needed for healing, By stimulating the tissue through cupping, stagnation of blood is unblocked. This modality offers both stationary and gliding (when appropriate) cupping for an effective treatment. Please note when discoloration appears on the skin, it is a result of increased blood circulation pulled up to the surface. These marks are harmless and will fade within a few days. Cupping may be added to your massage therapy service or provided as a stand alone treatment. 


Active Cupping involves creating movement while cups are in place in order to actively engage and mobilize underlying muscles, fascia and joints. 

Passive Cupping allows the client to lay stationary on a table or sit in a chair while cupping is performed.

Book your cupping appointment with Studio Harbor Ashiatsu + Massage today.

Gua Sha

An ancient healing technique from the East, Gua Sha is highly effective in gaining appropriate therapeutic response. Sha is the equilibrium in vital energy and blood flow. Sha marks (also known as petechiae) is indicative of location and severity of dis-ease. The practitioner applies firm pressure continuously through use of a tool with a scraping motion to unlock non-circulating blood and metabolic waste. Positive outcomes include: release of fascial restrictions, relief of adhesions due to muscle injury, improvement of range of motion, blood circulation quality, lymphatic drainage, and reduction in pain. Skin is intact and tissue discoloration will be present due to increased blood flow, marks will fade within a couple days up to a week, at the very most. 

SARGA Floor Bodywork

More effective bodywork for the offering~ SARGA bodywork is another barefoot massage that delivers an effective and therapeutic Ashiatsu *floor* massage treatment. The word Sarga is defined in Spanish, meaning a woven tapestry from many threads, and in Sanskrit, the word refers to action of energy. Sarga utilizes the use of a fabric strap fastened to a massage table to deliver therapeutic myofascial and deep tissue strokes and compressions. This fabric strap is used by practitioners for stability while adding tensional and gravitational force to provide an exceptional massage experience. Contact Carla of Studio Harbor Ashiatsu + Massage to learn more.

Hands-On Therapeutic

Bodywork + Energy Work

Myofascial Release

Neuromuscular | Trigger Point Therapy 




For those with a preference for manual massage therapy or healing energy work, your ideal session is tailored to suit your specific needs. Studio Harbor Ashiatsu + Massage of Petoskey is here to help you heal and gain optimal, lasting results. Contact me to discuss treatment options or use the online booking to your customize your

massage + bodywork session.


Yomassage helps relieve chronic pain and muscle stiffness, promotes restful sleep and reduces anxiety as tension melts away. Clients receive therapeutic touch in an relaxing environment, fully clothed, resting in gentle stretching positions and restorative poses while practicing quiet mindfulness. Studio Harbor offers Yomassage in a 1:1 or duo (pair) setting, as well as group classes. This allows the therapist to offer their service at a more accessible price, and creates a safe and welcoming environment for clients. Reach out to Studio Harbor Ashiatsu + Massage for more information or to book your appointment.

For information regarding Studio Harbor's group Yomassage Click Here


Not from NoMi? Find a certified Yomassage® Therapist near you.

Enhancements Available for Corresponding Massage Treatments:

 Cupping Therapy  |   CBD Oil    
Gua Sha  |  Synergy Hot Stones  |  Reiki    
Scalp + Foot Ritual  |  Reflexology  |  Warm Bamboo

Aromatherapy included in bodywork therapies compliments of Studio Harbor.

Studio Harbor Ashiatsu + Massage in Petoskey Logo

"When you recover or discover something that nourishes your soul and brings joy, care enough about yourself to make room for it in your life."

~Jean Shinoda Bolen

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