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Welcome Fall

Cozy up this fall at Studio Harbor!

Offering clients functional modalities that imparts lasting results.

Studio Harbor provides each session with high quality doTERRA essential oils and
use of PEMF infrared table mat
~Absolutely Free~

What are the benefits of PEMF mats? 

A PEMF (Pulsed Electro-Magnetic Field) infrared mat helps your body regain equilibrium by...
reducing stress, tension, inflammation, and chronic discomfort while 
improving circulation, cell growth, mood, sleep, immunity, energy, and more!

Mat is made of 5 crystals:  Amethyst  |  Turquoise  |  Quartz  |  Obsidian  |  Jade

Want extra time to snooze or just be?
No problem!
For a small fee you may choose *Recovery Nap* for an additional 20 minutes.

*Please note: contraindications may include those with heart considerations, pacemakers, insulin pumps, electrical implants, and pregnancy.

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