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Mindful Touch™ by YOMASSAGE®

I want to make sure you and your loved one’s are receiving the touch you need to regulate your nervous system during these stressful times. The Co-Founder of Yomassage, Dr. Tiffany Ryan, has created a short course that will provide you with the resources and knowledge needed to intentionally and mindfully incorporate Mindful Touch into your everyday wellness routine. 


The guided course covers relative information such as: 

  • Social distancing and it’s challenges

  • The impacts of touch deprivation

  • The benefits of safe touch and its ability  to relieve stress and anxiety

  • Communication and consent around touch

  • Offering suggestions for the type of touch to give, where, when and how to give it


This $70 investment will help empower you with the knowledge needed to maintain good health when I’m not there to assist you! The benefits will last through years to come.

I look forward to seeing the benefits this course has on you and your loved ones. Let me know how “Mindful Touch at Home” has impacted you by sharing your story on Facebook + Instagram @studioharborashi. 


Please continue to take good care of yourselves off the table.


"Bringing Massage to the Mat"

Yomassage was created as a tool for those who need a regular and affordable option for self-care through bodywork.

Yomassage™ not only allows your body to stretch and relax in restorative poses, but increases circulation, while a certified Yomassage + licensed massage therapist provides myofascial release, acupressure, and trigger point therapy through massage.

Space will be limited for each session. Only 5 students per class. 


No prior yoga experience is necessary. Please wear fitted, comfortable clothing so the massage therapist can give you the best massage.

*Classes currently paused due to Covid-19, please subscribe for news and information to stay informed.

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